“Too much one-off training and development at one time events can lead to "Intellectual Indigestion”. I believe that systematic development and action oriented learning produces much more positive and significant results.” – Colin Abercrombie


Team is a word and concept well known to everyone. Teams outperform individuals acting alone, especially when performance requires multiple skills, judgements and experiences.

Colin conducts a variety of tailor made, experiential teambuilding events, which are highly participative and challenging. These may be conducted within a classroom environment, on a beach or even by driving through and camping in the desert.

The intellectually stimulating challenges and outdoor exercises set throughout an event test a team’s ability to organise and motivate, plan and control. Team members are asked to take risks and evaluate the consequences. They need to make fast decisions and build the level of trust and confidence between members as they go through the challenging tasks to be accomplished.

The nature of the exercises that are conducted demands physical and mental effort. Participants have the opportunity to put theories of communication, leadership, motivation and teamwork into practice.

Extensive de-briefing and establishing the link between observed behaviour into the realities of what is actually happening within a work environment is always a vital part of any teambuilding activity. The development of solid and realistic ideas that can be implemented once the participants return to work is a very important an outcome and integral element of any teambuilding event